Mon 15 May 2023

Recent awards were presented by The Western Isles Lottery to grateful recipients for a variety of projects across the Westside area of Lewis.   


Football clubs around the islands are preparing their pitches ahead of this year’s season and Ness FC requested funding to purchase two new gates and repair the turfed areas in front of their goalmouths.  Match funding of £700.00 was presented to the Committee to complete the works.


Airidhantuim Community Council is delighted to see the installation of a new bus shelter at “Tom na Ba” in South Galson.  

A shiny shelter is at last in situ, providing a new amenity which will be of benefit to nearby residents as well as to Urras staff and visitors.

Roddy Martin, Chairman, said “We are extremely grateful to Western Isles Lifestyle Lottery for their financial support of £1,700.00 in helping us bring this project to fruition”. 


Airidhantuim Community Council were also struggling to raise funds to install a picnic area adjacent to the Old Borve Bridge. Thanks to match funding of £1,100 from the Western Isles Lottery, new benches, flower beds and landscaping can now be realised.


The Airidhantuim Young at Heart group meets monthly in the Clan Macquarrie hall. The group is made up of 25 attendees from Ballantrushal to Galson. They organise a local outing each year and this year, hoped to visit Comunn Eachdraidh Nis to enjoy their museum and exhibitions along with afternoon tea in the café. A total award of £455.00 funded this Event, including the cost of the coach.

Donna Dorris from the The Young at Heart said, “We also organise a Christmas dinner every December in Borve House for all our members.  Funds have been ring fenced by the Western Isles Lottery Committee in the Ness/Westside area so we are delighted not to have to find funds at short notice later in the year. Thank you Western Isles Lottery and to all their supporters in this area”.


The Barvas Agricultural Show committee were unable to resurrect their annual show last year due to a lack of funds.  Working with the Western Isles Lottery Team, a successful family Fun Day was held in its place last September which the Lottery funded with a grant of £2,500.  The proceeds from the Fun Day have now enabled the Agricultural Show to proceed in 2023.  


John “Corrags” MacLeod said, “Following the pandemic, we simply could not afford to produce a show with all the associate costs and could not come up with a way of keeping the show alive. With the Western Isles Lottery, we came up with the innovative idea of holding a Fun Day to raise as much as possible and we are delighted to be going ahead again this year. Everyone enjoyed the Fun Day and now everyone can enjoy another Agricultural Show!


“The local Lottery has been invaluable in this area for numerous projects to be realised with almost £40,000 having already been distributed.  The more locals in the Ness/Westside Community who join in, the more we would benefit. It’s a win-win situation for every area”.


Janet Paterson, pictured presenting the cheques to the various projects said “The most rewarding part of running the Western Isles Lottery is seeing all these projects being taken forward by those in all Communities across the Western Isles.  Without the support of locals joining the Lottery, of course, this could not happen.  Anyone can join in at www.westernisleslottery.co.uk to win weekly prizes and support their own community.





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